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Stone Cutting and Faceting


  Taylor’s offers re-cutting/faceting of your worn and/or damaged precious gemstones.  We can also cut and facet a rough/raw gemstone into a beautiful brilliantly faceted stone.  Turn your semi-precious rough stones, i.e.; turquoise, coral, agate, jade, obsidian, amber, seashell (mother of pearl), and the like, into beautiful polished cabochons.

  We also can cut and polish your interesting rocks to make polished bookends, desk paper weights, clocks and such.  Maybe you have a round geode like stone and you just want to see what’s inside it, bring it in and we can slice it in two.

  Stop by for a visit and bring your rocks and gemstones, and we can give you a quote on your special projects.

 Cutting a Cabochon stone