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Ring Sizing

 Most rings can either be sized up (looser) or down (tighter). When we size a ring up we add metal and weld/solder it in between the cut ring shank (bottom part of ring), thereby making the circumference larger, this involves two solders on either side of the inserted metal. When we size a ring down we cut a piece of metal out and weld/solder it back together, this involves one weld/solder. This action of taking a piece out of the bottom part of the ring shank makes the rings circumference smaller. Sizing a ring up involves more work (2-solders) and material (metal inserted) and costs more. When we size a ring down it involves less work (1-solder) and no additional metal from us, so sizing down costs less.

Man Sizing Rings

Sizing On Site

The rings we size are done here on site, and are not sent off, we clean and polish the rings, and in most instances the actual point where the sizing was done is not noticeable or difficult to see. If there are rings with stones involved, it may cost more because there are special considerations to be observed, some stones cannot stand too much heat from the torch, and stones can get loose and/or fall out when the settings either expand when sizing down (settings can yaw open) or contract when sized up (pinching the stones out of their settings). Our service takes all of these variables into consideration, i.e., adding extra metal (size up), taking away metal (size down), and tightening loose stones. Our pricing method takes all these variables into account.

If you wish or require that the rhodium electro-plating to be reapplied after a sizing on a white gold ring, this can be done at an additional cost to your sizing job.  White gold is naturally a mostly white metal with an ever so slight tinge of yellow from the gold that is in the alloyed white gold ring.  Most white gold items have been electro-plated to a whiter white with one of the platinum group metals, “rhodium”.  Usually the sized ring will retain some of this plating on the upper part of the ring, and the bottom where we sized the ring is not very noticeable.  Most clients don’t want or need this rhodium plating cost to be redone, and it can always be done later if you change your mind.  The rhodium plating on rings is only temporary and does come off over time anyway due to wear, this can take weeks, months, or longer depending on the wearer.

Titanium rings generally are not resizable, although we have been able to stretch a ring up to almost half a size. 

Tungsten rings are absolutely not resizable.

Some rings that are heavily inlayed with stone can be very difficult to resize and somewhat costly, to find out your options and what’s possible and their associated costs, please stop by for a consultation.

Most ring sizing take a one week, if you desire and need a rush job, this can be accommodated for a rush fee, we push your job to the top or next, and the extra fee helps pay for the inevitable overtime that we experience when we have rush jobs, as we still need to keep up with our standard one week turnaround.