"For Jewelry as Fine as You are."


Custom Jobs


  You bring us your ideas and/or old dated, or worn out jewelry, that you want remade, and we will turn them into something your excited with, and your friends will talk about.  We will sketch up a design or two for you to review.  Then we’ll call you back to review your project with us, and incorporate any design changes you want to make.  After we have your design just the way you like it, we will usually create a wax model so you can see what your jewelry piece looks like in a 3-D model.  This is accomplished with our CAD/CAM design system, or worked up with some tools, and a hot knife on wax.  While it’s in this wax stage, if you desire to, we can make any final last minute changes.  Then we cast the wax model into the precious metal of your choice, in our furnace.  We do cleanup and polishing on the cast piece, and then we set any stones if there are any.  We do a final polishing and run it through a quality control inspection, and if the piece passes, we will call you in to view your newly created beautiful piece of personal jewelry, ready to wear and show off.

                      Designing a ring